Leviticus toolbox #3: the three ‘R’s for a Christian understanding of the law

When it comes to understanding Leviticus as Christian Scripture it’s not about “readin’, (w)rittin’ & (a)rithmetic” but Repealed Recognised Re-appropriated   Credit where it’s due These three ‘R’s arise out of Brian Rosner’s 2011 Moore College Lectures on ‘Paul and the Law’. You can download his main talks here (for some reason the initial overview talk … Continue reading

Leviticus toolbox #2: the big question

If Leviticus is the answer … What’s the question? I think the question is this: How can the holy LORD God dwell among his unholy people? Intention God’s intention is clear in Lev 26:3-13 — he wants to put his dwelling place amongst the Israelites and walk among them, make them fruitful, increasing their numbers, … Continue reading

Leviticus toolbox #1: it’s a chiasmus!

Hints Reading through Leviticus multiple times as I started preparation something unusual grabbed my attention. In Lev 20.25-26, seemingly out of the blue, reference is made to clean and unclean animals. But the clean/unclean distinctions are given in chapters 11-15. Moreover, the reference to being ‘vomitted out’ of the land in v 22 repeats warnings … Continue reading

Tackling Leviticus Today

It’s been my privilege to preach from Leviticus this year at the Sydney University Evangelical Union‘s Public Meetings. They kindly gave me 13 weeks (spaced across the year) to tackle this key Old Testament book.  I thought I’d share some of my hermeneutic reflections on making sense of Leviticus as Christian Scripture for a few … Continue reading

Open Doors—Will We Walk Through? CMSSS #3

In a world of gospel need, from Sydney to Slovenia, are we as Sydney evangelicals too Sydney-centric? Already this week at CMS Summer School we’ve heard of explicit invitations to the Australian evangelical community from Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania (to cite but three examples) to send gospel workers. Moreover, according to Lindsay Brown … Continue reading

Liberating Integration: CMSSS #2

A solidly Biblical doctrine of creation is powerful and liberating: that’s what I’ve been loving at CMS Summer School this year. Bible-honouring Christians can feel boxed in. If I embrace science and its findings I’m sometimes made to feel I’m betraying Christian belief in creation and respect for God’s Word. On another front if I … Continue reading

A Cracking Inspiration: CMSSS #1

I’ve been to quite a few CMS Summer Schools, and this year’s is turning out to be a cracker! Here are some highlights for me from the first 24 hours. 1.  God is at the centre. The God who reveals himself in the Christian Scriptures stands alone at the centre of his creation: ‘In the … Continue reading

‘do more’ for 2012 (#3): serve by leading

I work with a fantastic team of people. Seriously. But I think I’ve short-changed them in a key area. The EU Staff team I lead at Sydney Uni is full of Godly, gifted, interesting, committed, fun, thoughtful people: I love working with them every day. My general approach (which was modelled to me on different … Continue reading

‘do more’ for 2012 (#2): be the dad they need

Being ‘Dad’ to our five great kids is the most constantly stretching thing I’ve ever done. It’s also, in all likelihood, the most significant thing I’ll ever do. Yet it’s disturbingly easy to ‘be the dad that’s convenient (for me)‘ rather than ‘be the dad they need‘. Let’s call this what it is: self-centredness. Actually, … Continue reading

‘do more’ for 2012 (#1): oftener to the well

It is a waste of time, not an economy of it, to dispense with study, private prayer, and due preparation for your work. […] We have more cause to pray and read our Bibles than any other people in the world. […] Having to carry the living water to others, we must go oftener to … Continue reading